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Dec 8, 2009
Thanksgiving peas & Christmas trees
Tuesday Dec 8, 2009

First of all, our apologies for not updating the blog in so long.  Mommy got behind on uploading pictures due to issues with Flickr's uploader, so we are uploading only the latest pictures & will go back later to fill in the rest.  On with the blog....

Thanksgiving fun

Click here to see the November Turkeys 2009 slide show!
(note: you will not be able to see these pictures unless you register as our friend/family on Flickr.com)

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day!  This is the first one where our little ones could participate in the eating part of the holiday!  :)

Lucy & Leigh love turkey, like stuffing, adore peas, and pass on everything else (namely, mashed potatoes & green beans).  They of course love pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

They both learned to respond with "gobble gobble!" to the question, what does a turkey say?  It is really quite adorable.  There is a video in the slideshow above.

This year, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner for Steve's side of the family.  It was a big & lively group.  Lots of cousins to play with for L & L!  They had a great time, particularly playing cards with Tre, & riding their little car with Maya pushing.  They also enjoyed watching everyone playing Wii.  Thanks again to everyone who pitched in to help set up, cook & clean!  We can't tell you how much we appreciate it!

The day after Thanksgiving, Leigh & Lucy had a nice long visit with Julia & Jacqueline and had such a good time playing with them (while Mommy got to go Christmas shopping!  Thanks ladies!).  The girls are very lucky to have such sweet cousins babysitting!

Thanksgiving with Lisa's family was on Saturday, at Granddad & Nana's house.  Leigh & Lucy had a blast playing with cousin Hayley, who entertained them endlessly with her box of toys she brought especially for the girls to play with.  Hayley is so sweet!  & the meal was of course delicious. 

On Thanksgiving Day, Leigh was very clingy & did not want anyone but Mommy.  Lucy was the opposite, the socialite who didn't want to be held.  The next day, they reversed roles.  The next, both clingy & wanting Mommy.  Silly girls!

The annual Christmas tree hunt

The Biakanjas went to Summit Christmas Tree Farm on Sunday, a day earlier than our usual December 7th tree day, due to imminent rain.  This was the first year the girls could walk around & play in the trees, though we didn't let them do so for long since it was very cold outside.  Poor Lucy's teeth were chattering, despite wearing several layers.  But we did get the perfect picture to put on our Christmas cards this year:

We even did our good deed for the day by saving a family stranded at the tree farm just before the rain hit.  This delayed us, but the girls were very patient, with a little help from Elmo's honey grahams.  We had to search for our 2nd tree in the rain.  No good deed goes unpunished!  However, a rainbow & a cute little bird helped us find the perfect tree quickly, so someone was looking out for us.  :)

Before tree hunting, we stopped at the Los Gatos Cafe (formerly the Iron Skillet) for our annual pre-Christmas tree brunch.  What we learned from our brunch out:

Leigh sits quietly through a meal happily eating, while Lucy screams & cries because she does not get to throw everything she wants to throw, which earns us many raised eyebrows from the diners around us.

Leigh & Lucy are also opposites in that Leigh will sit peacefully through every meal, eating area spotless, while Lucy will throw food, silverware & dishes everywhere, wriggle & squirm out of her seat several times, with food not only dropped but thrown in a good 6' radius.

Lucy is a berry thief, and will lean far across the table to steal her sister's even before she will eat her own.

Leigh is very good at entertaining herself with a dish of sugar packets - take them out, put them in, and repeat.  Like Eyore.

Leigh cannot be left alone with a dish of those individual-serving creams in plastic containers, as she will suck the cream right out of them after lifting the lid with her teeth.

Lucy cannot be left alone with any kind of bottle on a table because she will manage to get it open & stick her tongue inside, as we found out with a bottle of ketchup.  Fortunately, it was closer to her than the Tabasco.

Finally, we've learned to tip big when eating out with the girls.

Random cute stuff

Both girls have been saying bye-bye a lot lately.  Until recently, they haven't said bye-bye until after someone has already left the house & closed the door.  Leigh also says "hi" and waves.  It comes out, "Hiiiiii!"  Very, very cute! 

Today, for the first time, Lucy put together a two-word sentence: "Bye-bye, Dada" as she walked out of the room.  She actually stopped to look over her shoulder & say this.  It melts my heart just thinking about it!!

Both girls refer to each other as "baby".  :)

15-month stats

The girls also had their 15-month appointment recently (a bit late because their pedi was on vacation).  Here are the numbers:

Leigh, our big girl:

height: 33 in (97%)
weight: 29 lb 3 oz (98%)
head circumference: 49.1 cm (99%)

Leigh actually lost weight, 7 oz, after three whole months :(

Lucy, our little peanut head:

height: 33 in (97%)
weight: 24 lbs 13 oz (73%)
head circumference: 45.6 cm (36%)

I swear Lucy is taller than Leigh, looking at them stand side by side.  I think the nurses measured wrong again. 

December pictures will be up at the end of the month.

Happy holidays & much love to all!

~ Steve, Lisa, Leigh & Lucy

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Feb 14, 2009
6 month checkup
 weight 20 lbs 5 oz 98th %ile
 height 27.5" 95th
 head circ.
 44 cm 86th

 weight 17 lbs 8 oz 76th %ile
 height 27.0" 87th
 head circ.
 42 cm 33rd

Poor girls had 3 shots each and are spiking fevers today, especially Lucy who is burning up at 102.  Leigh has never slept in until 9am before - I'm getting worried since she's still not awake.

We had a new pediatrician, since ours is still on maternity leave, and we just learned may not be coming back for quite some time.  But I think we will keep looking.  Ours was the old battle-axe type, and didn't smile once at the babies.  Who doesn't smile at babies?  I could maybe forgive that, but she 1. didn't measure Lucy correctly (she was sitting up on a pillow, so she measured her hypotenuse instead) and 2. she brushed me off when I said that Leigh had been making wheezing noises.  I would have appreciated at least a cursory check.

All that aside, the girls are doing well and are huge!  Particularly Leigh!  :-)


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Feb 9, 2009
New milestones

January     February

New milestones for January and early February:
  • On Wednesday morning, January 28th, Daddy discovered Leigh's new addition - her first tooth breaking through!  We absolutely could not believe it, since she hadn't been at all fussy, and even stopped drooling several days prior to T-day.
  • On Friday morning, February 6th, Mommy discovered Lucy's first tooth!  She was so excited, and could swear Lucy looked so proud of herself.  Lucy was very fussy the night before, even with Tylenol.  Poor little baby.  :-( Mommy and Daddy have mixed emotions about the teeth - proud that our little girls are growing up, and at the same time, incredibly sad that our babies' sweet gummy smiles are gone forever.
  • Lucy has mastered standing!  (Assisted of course, but the leg power is all hers!)  Actually she has been doing this for quite some time now, and it is her favorite trick.  Lucy "standing SO tall!" always earns a big, proud smile!
  • On Feb 1st (Superbowl Sunday), both girls tried sitting unassisted for the first time while visiting their friend Tyler (who incidentally is 4 months older than them, and is smaller than both).  Leigh toppled once or twice and then sat unassisted for a solid 20 minutes, happily playing and repeatedly stealing Tyler's pretty sun hat to chew on.  Lucy isn't quite there yet but enjoyed laying next to the girls and watching them play from below.  It's now a week later, and while Leigh can't pull herself into a sitting position, she will stay seated unassisted for as long as we let her (with a pillow behind her just in case).
  • Also on Superbowl Sunday, both girls tried Tyler's jumper, and loved it!  Lucy's little feet skittered around at first while she figured things out, which looked like she was dancing and was just so funny.  Then she started jumping, and that was it!  Jumping is now Lucy's favorite pasttime.  She actually jumps quite high and laughs and laughs!  Our cute little jumping bean.  Leigh took to jumping right away, and loves it just as much as Lucy!  She was smiling from ear to ear!  I wish we'd had the camera that day, but we do have video of the girls jumping in our jumper at home.
  • Both Lucy and Leigh are officially eating solid foods now.  They've started rice cereal and at first liked pears, but bananas not so much. However, they are now eating bananas, apples and pears.  We've (carefully) let them suck on grapes which gave each of them a very sour face at first - an "is that lemon juice?!" face - but both continued to try the grapes and within a few minutes, wanted more!  Unfortunately, iPhoto deleted Leigh's eating-with-food-all-over-my-face video :-( but we have Lucy's which is really cute.
  • Leigh has officially rolled back to front!  But she seems to have forgotten how to roll front to back, at least most of the time. :-) So she gets stuck and cries.
  • Unbelievably, Mommy put a 2T shirt on Leigh yesterday which was TOO SMALL (would not fit over her head, would not pull down over her belly, snug on her arms).  Leigh is comfortably wearing most 2T clothing (though too long) and Lucy is fully into 12-month clothes now, and is actually getting too long for those even. 
  • February 5th was the girls' 6-month birthday!  Happy 6 months, girls, we are so proud of you and all your accomplishments!
Don't grow up too fast, girls!  

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Jan 19, 2009
More baptism pics

Some more pictures (ours this time) of the baptism and party after.


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Jan 12, 2009
Five months & baptismal Sunday
The girls turned 5 months old on January 5th.  They are growing like weeds!  Beautiful weeds that is.  Leigh is actually wearing some 24 month clothes though can still fit in 12 month for the most part, and Lucy is in 12 month.  Unbelievable!  There have been many milestones reached, though Mommy and Daddy's favorite is still laughing.  The smiling and laughing are both appearing much more often these days.  Both girls are starting to roll over again after a long break, and Leigh is scooching 360s while on her belly.  Lucy prefers to scooch while lying on her back, and always ends up in a different position from where she started.  They are both drooling like mad, particularly Leigh.  Lucy loves to chew on her hands and we suspect she is teething. 

They've started trying solid food.  Lucy loved rice cereal from day one!  She wolfs down her portion & will start crying for more if it's not readily available.  Leigh's face is absolutely hilarious - she wrinkles her brow, opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue like we'd just fed her lemon juice.  She is not quite ready for solids we think.  :-)

Sunday, January 11th was Leigh and Lucy's baptism day.  Both girls did so well!  Neither cried, though Lucy did pout for a brief moment.  But she cheered right up again as soon as Auntie Karen held her.  Karen and Jeff are Lucy's Godparents; Kevin and Rocki are Leigh's.  (I guess that makes Krista and Hayley Lucy & Leigh's Godsisters? :)  It was a beautiful service and we were lucky enough to have Rev. Terri schedule us on the Sunday following Epiphany, which means the girls were part of a special baptismal service.  Terri was very excited to meet Leigh and Lucy after having "met" them while blessing the babies early on in the pregnancy.  It meant a lot to us that she was able to perform the baptism as well, and fortunately she had just returned from her sabbatical in South America.  A large group ended up attending, and we all met at Grandma Harriet's afterward for a very tasty meal provided by Lisa's parents.  (A big thank you to all the grandparents!)  Thanks to everyone who came, we appreciate your making the trip to Half Moon Bay!  Leigh and Lucy say thank you too!

Mommy is too tired to upload all her pictures yet, but here is a link to Kevin's set (not edited for content, so apologies for the quantity).

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Jan 1, 2009
Happy New Year from Leigh & Lucy

Happy New Year!

Thanks to Aunt Susan for the cute New Year's onesies!
Thanks to Nanna for the homemade baby blanket!

We are very grateful for all that 2008 has brought us.  The Chinese are right, "8" is a lucky number!  (The girls were born in 8/2008 after all!)


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Dec 31, 2008
Winding down 2008
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

2008 marks Lucy & Leigh's first Christmas.  (Technically however, it's their second!)  Steven and I feel so blessed to have been able to celebrate Christmas this year as a family.  It's certainly a far cry from last year's Christmas, when Mommy spent the day alone filling out adoption paperwork because she thought she'd lost the pregnancy.  Later of course, we got the good news!

Though they may not yet understand the concept of presents, Leigh and Lucy do seem to love the tree!  Every year we make the tough decision - white or colored lights? - and we usually go with colored.  This year was no exception, and the girls will stare at the lights endlessly.  They also "helped" decorate the tree, and love to play with the plush animal ornaments - reindeer, Snoopys and snowmen - and help to rehang them after Bat knocks them off the tree.  (Yes, Bat is enjoying his first Christmas, too!)

Unfortunately, we are not very good with picture-taking, since the girls are fascinated by the camera and will stop whatever cute thing they were just doing to stare at it, which of course defeats the purpose of the camera.  So our sincere apologies for the scarcity of Christmas pictures.  We did attempt to get our picture taken with Santa, but decided the 1/4 mile-long line was not worth the wait.  Mommy and Daddy instead decided to take a picture in front of the Christmas tree, and also in front of Santa's workshop at Christmas in the Park, though Santa was already on his way back to the North Pole.  Afterward, we had our first dinner out together as a family. Leigh was very tired and wanting to be held most of the time, which was fine by Mommy. Lucy slept until the very end. We'd say they did very well!

Did we get the picture in front of the Christmas tree?  Not yet.  But not for lack of trying.  That tree isn't coming down until Mommy gets her picture! 

The girls were lucky enough to have three Christmases this year.  They started off at home with us and Grandma Joan, Grandpa Ken and Auntie Erin.  The girls helped to unwrap presents - they would grab the paper, try to eat it, and we would pull the present away.  Present unwrapped!  They also went to Grandma Julie's house on Christmas day, and stayed up past their bedtime playing with their cousins Sara and Maya and their new Wii.  A few days later we again met up with family at Lisa's dad and Irene's new house in Menlo Park for a delicious and beautiful holiday brunch.

Click on the picture below to see the slideshow.  Don't forget to click "show info" to read the captions.


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Dec 21, 2008
November and December catchup
It's been awhile - time to play catch up with pictures.  Time is absolutely flying by.  The girls are getting bigger and bigger of course.  Lucy and Leigh are smiling and laughing all the time now while melting hearts right and left. 

They're trying really hard to sit up by themselves and are almost there.  Lucy tries to sit up nearly every time we set her down - she leans her head forward, stretches her tiny fists out in front, and makes a very funny grunting noise as if she's trying to lift a 500 lb weight - and she loves to stand up, assisted of course, and will always give a huge smile.  Leigh on the other hand hadn't tried to sit up once until the other day, when she surprised everyone by sitting up all by herself from a semi-reclined position (a Boppy)! First try! Leigh doesn't like to stand yet but she does love to be held "up high!" and will giggle and giggle.

The girls just had their 4-month checkup; Lucy is 14 1/2 lbs, Leigh is nearly 17 lbs.  Already Lucy is in 6-9 month and Leigh in 12 month clothing.  I can't believe how fast they are growing up.

Here is a cute video of Leigh's new habit (sorry it's over 60mb and I don't know how to compress it):

The girls atttended two Thanksgiving dinners this year; one at David and Irene's new house, and the other with Daddy at Station 26.  We had a lot of fun visiting with friends and relatives, and the girls only got fussy towards the end.  The other slideshow is pictures we've collected over the past couple of months.  Click the images below to see the slideshows.



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Nov 12, 2008
Roly-poly laughing girls
Just a quick update - it's official, we witnessed a Lucy rollover!  She starts by straightening an arm... arches her back... leans her head to one side... then waits for gravity to take effect.  We put her back on her belly, and within a minute she did it again.  No more tummy time for me, thank you very much.

***Updated November 13th*** Leigh rolled over!  It had been a couple of days since she'd had proper tummy time, so I think she'd been waiting for her chance.  First she pushed herself over with an arm, about three seconds after I set her down.  Thinking it was a fluke, I set her down again... and this time, she arched her back, craned her neck to one side, and wiggled her legs until she was over.  She did this once more for Daddy, too, since poor Daddy was in the shower and missed the first rollovers.  ***end update***

Leigh and Lucy are both laughers now.  Of course, as soon as we try to get it on video they clam up like the frog in the Warners' Brothers cartoon.  But, it's really cute, take my word for it!  Lucy's is a lot more low-pitched than we expected.  Leigh's is more of a deep "hah!".  Both are accompanied by huge toothless grins.

Whatever I've said about smiling being the best part of motherhood... I take it back, it's the laughing.

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Nov 4, 2008
Election day snapshots
Happy Election Day!  Some recent snapshots just for fun.  You will need to turn on the captions option for the slideshow.

Click image to see slideshow
To read photo captions, move cursor to top of photo window, and click "Info On"

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